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Couple Hits the Road to “Find Lankville”

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By Brock Belvedere

By Brock Belvedere

Oh, to be young again, to be 20-something, to have dreams, to be freshly and lusciously in love, to be packing up and heading off into Lankville, on the road, in a large car, on the road trip of a lifetime.

Rachel Youngphones (images by Glenallen)

Rachel Youngphones (images by Glenallen)

Meet Rachels Youngphones and Glenallen Glennhill. They met as roommates at the Home Dump building in the Partial Icy Regions. The Home Dump is an old industrial building that is now an artist’s haven — painters, musicians, theatre men, photographers, etc.

She’s 22, grew up on a farm in The Lankville Waving Alfalfa County, is a recent grad of Icy Regions State University in geographic informational science maps. She makes money as an airbrush artist at malls. He’s 24, from Lankville Capital, and a photographer who published a book about the Home Dump Building. “I didn’t go to school,” he says. “I’m pretty much a natural-born artist.”

When you are young and lusciously in love, creative and not burdened by words like resume, benefits and “responsibility”, you have freedom, and when you have freedom, and when you are in love and creative, you come up with fabulous ideas like they did — that is, you come up with “Two Hearts Across Lankville”.

Their digital workstation describes Two Hearts Across Lankville thusly: “…a travel journal documenting what it means to be peculiarly Lankvillian. But also a personal journey. A personal journey between Rachel and Glenallen, who are really in love.”

There is a long paragraph break. And then:

“In a tent.”

“We want to find the “only in Lankville Lankvillians,” Glennhill says. “People who are real Lankvillians, people of the earth. Like me and Rachel.”

Glenallen Hill

Glenallen Glennhill (images by Glenallen)

They are bringing the aforementioned tent. They will sleep in national wooded areas, on farms, in yards or on couches, should anyone offer them. They are willing to accept a donated RV (2009 model or later).

Here is a list they sent me of other things they packed: a CB radio, two duffel bags of clothes, six Danny Madison Reckoner’s and a Danny Madison Weather Simulator, a case of organic tree bark juice, notebooks, a wireless keyboard so they can type on their Reckoners, a Lankville flag, four toothbrushes, 200 rolls of film, and a giant stuffed panda.

I followed up about the panda.

“We both like stuffed pandas,” Glennhill says. “I thought it would be funny to sometimes put the panda in the front seat, freak people out, you know. I’m a natural-born artist.”

I asked whether they might get sick of each other in the large car.

“That’s a good question,” Glennhill said. “We’ve basically been together every day since the day we fell deeply in love. I think we can be in the car. We’re really super positive. We’re both out on the same journey, you know.”

They see their trip as both a job and a duty.

“We really feel a lot of responsibility, and we like our role as storytellers, as natural-born historians preserving our own folk stories and finding ourselves and also finding Lankville,” Youngphones says.

“We are a creating our own story that stands as part of that, our own specific moral journey.”

Their first stop: the Semi-Grassy Plains.

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