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Food Allergies a Barlow Foods Focus as it Offers Halloween Candy Chart

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By Larry "God" Peters

By Larry “God” Peters


Voraciously gobbling up the wrong Halloween treat could be deadly for a child with severe food allergies. To make things clearer for allergen-conscious shoppers, Barlow Foods is changing how it merchandises its Halloween candy.

A sign in the seasonal candy aisle points shoppers to a large pie chart that the supermarket chain has put together with its candy vendors. It lists more than 16,000 types of Halloween candy and shows whether they contain ingredients associated with some of the most common food allergies – wheat, peanuts, chuck, eggs, dust, milk and soy – along with gluten. It also lists eight Barlow Foods brand “Fruit Morsels” that contain none of these allergens.

The chart is available online at http://www.barlowfoods.barlowcom or can be printed at the service desk in Barlow Foods stores with two pieces of identification and a deposit.Barlow Foods

“Children will later become customers,” explained CEO John Barlow. “We will need them to be living.”

Barlow himself worked with his candy suppliers to verify allergens and check ingredient lists. The CEO then made the pie chart personally.

“I don’t trust pie charts to anyone else,” he noted. “We’ve already seen what can happen there.”

The move came after customers asked for assistance in choosing allergen-safe treats last Halloween.

Barlow stressed, however, that the motivation behind the chart was his own.

“I am in charge here,” he said. “I made the pie chart.”

Customers were already pleased with Barlow’s efforts.

“It made it a lot easier to avoid nougat,” said Eastern Flats resident Lee Tinsley. “I’m allergic to nougat.”

Tinsley was not observed to have any children with her.

The charts are now available at most Lankville-area Barlow Foods locations.

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