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I, Onanist: The Literary Feast of Brian Stig-Units

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Buck Igloos

Buck Igloos

The Lankville literary world has been abuzz following the announcement yesterday that a new collection of famed Southern Edge Tips writer Brian Stig-Units will be released next Friday.

I, Onanist will be released in hardcover, paperback and in an electronic edition for Reckoner users.

Stig-Units (1875-1932) remains one of Lankville’s seminal writers of the “Restrained Decadence Movement” of the early 20th century. His seven novels and 26 plays won him endless accolades and he was named a “TITAN OF LITERATURE” shortly before his tragic beheading in 1932.


Brian Stig-Units, 1898

But I, Onanist promises a side of Stig-Units that Lankville has never seen before.

“He was a real onanist, big-time,” said Lankville State Easier University professor Dr. Bernard Varrone, Jr. “It embarrassed his family terribly. He personally suppressed this collection because his wife apparently cried a lot and this disturbed Stig-Units. He was terribly uncomfortable around crying.”

But with the death of Mary Stig-Units last year, I, Onanist can finally see the light of day.

“The collection clocks in at 379 pages,” noted Varrone, Jr., over a lunch of cold tilapia and some sort of orange, tubular snack food. “That’s over 60 separate stories about Stig-Units’ onanistic activities spanning his entire career. It’s an absolutely seminal collection, most important release of the year.”

Indeed, Varrone, Jr. himself spent six years editing the volume.

“When you get the chance to work closely with the words of a master, well, you don’t piss that away.”

Varrone, Jr. later apologized for his atrocious language.

I, Onanist by Brian Stig-Units
Release Date: November 6, 2015
Hardcover: $29.99, Paperback, $19.99, Reckoner Version, $14.99

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