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First Volume of Keebaugh Memoirs to Be Released Tomorrow

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By Otis Nixon

By Otis Nixon

The first volume of Lankville Daily News correspondent Zach Keebaugh’s memoirs will be released tomorrow, sources are confirming.

My Tussle, a 1,284-page tome covering “Keebaugh’s early years” has gotten rave reviews.

Keebaugh, author of "My Tussle".

Keebaugh, author of “My Tussle”.

“Keebaugh plays a sort of literary hopscotch with time, space and mood,” said literary critic Bernard Varrone, Jr. “I appreciate the way in which [Keebaugh] is not like other Lankville writers. There is nothing cute and bouncy about him. We’re just seeing too much of that cute and bouncy sort of thing these days. Either that, or terrorist attack novels.”

Keebaugh says that My Tussle will cover the period of his birth up until 6th grade.

“Yo, the book ends when I told this ginger chick Nicole Wilderson that I liked her and she shot me down like an old dog,” the writer noted. “Pivotal moment in my struggle.”

Keebaugh is already working on volume two.

“The plan is to drop a tetraology, yo. Couple of interconnected deuces  storming the ol’ literary canyon if you know what I’m saying.”

My Tussle has already sold several thousand advance copies and will be available at most Lankville bookshops.

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