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I Want to Tell You SO MUCH About How My New Boyfriend Tried to Take Me on a Hot Air Balloon Ride


By Ashley Pfeiffers

By Ashley Pfeiffers

Oh my God, I just have to tell you about how my new boyfriend tried to take me on a hot air balloon ride!

So, I was just sitting there in sixth period Media and Communications, drawing some unicorns in my notebook margins, listening to Mr. Etchebarren drone on about social media when all of the sudden a big shadow passed over the windows. Everybody looked over.

The shadow went away. Mr. Etchebarren continued.

And then, all of the sudden, the shadow came back! And then a big giant basket slammed against the window! There was some cursing and the basket blew over weirdly into one of the classroom trailers! I WAS SO SCARED!

“It’s a hot air balloon,” somebody said. Everybody got up and Mr. Etchebarren dropped his book and told everybody to get into our desks (for some reason, he thinks we can get into our desks). “People!” he yelled. “This is a terrorist attack!”

Everybody started screaming and then the balloon suddenly took off again and disappeared over the woods. We were all SCARED OUT OF OUR MINDS!

They let us out early.

So, I started walking home with some of my girlfriends. I was just telling them about my new boyfriend and how romantic he is and how he took me to see a pony and then we started down a small hill and into a clearing and there was the hot air balloon again! And YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHO WAS INSIDE THE BASKET!!!

It was my new boyfriend. I ALMOST DIED.

“The police are coming,” McKinley said. But I didn’t hear her. My ears were clogged with LOVE.

“Sorry about that, Ash,” my new boyfriend yelled. I ran over and gave him a HUGE HUG.

“My uncle loaned me this– I can’t quite control it yet. I didn’t mean to slam into your classroom.”

“You can slam into my classroom windows with a hot air balloon ANY TIME,” I said. We looked into each other’s eyes and then we kissed passionately.

“Get in,” he said. “Ash, you like, can’t even imagine what happens as the dew covered meadows shrink quietly away and the vast panorama of the earth becomes a breathtaking view of beauty and life.” I WAS SHAKING. I saw that he was reading off a card but it didn’t matter. WE ARE SO IN LOVE!

But then the police came.

Still, it was SO SPECIAL.


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