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STUDY: Bumpkins Like Trampolines

Buck Igloos

Buck Igloos


A study today revealed that bumpkins like trampolines.

Lankville Southern Easier University professor Greeve Tinders, who led the study, said that 89% of bumpkins queried admitted to owning a trampoline or “utilizing one frequently”.trampolines

“The study merely confirms what we had thought,” noted Tinders. “You can drive through the hills and observe the preponderance of trampolines and trampoline stores. They really like them.”

Researchers interviewed 325 bumpkins ranging in age from 13 to 75 about trampolines. The subjects were from an unnamed hill area in Northwestern Lankville. A series of trampoline lifestyle questions were asked as well.

“It appears that many bumpkins feel the trampoline to be a necessity. Some bumpkins admitted to owning two or three,” said Tinders.

“Many indicated that they liked having a trampoline for both the front and back yards,” Tinders added after a long pause.

Detailed results will be published in several easier-level academic journals.

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