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BREAKING: Balloons Tied to Mailbox to Indicate Party

By Elliott Cumber-Lanny

By Elliott Cumber-Lanny

Some balloons have been tied to a mailbox to indicate a party, sources are confirming.

“Yes, we tied the balloons to our mailbox,” said Northern Forest Region resident Dale (female) Bonds. “We thought it might be a good way for our guests to know that, this, this is where the party is.”

The balloons were tied to the mailbox around 11:00 AM, Northern Region Time.

“There was some confusion on our part,” said Detective Gee-Temple, who passed by the balloons shortly thereafter. “The party was at 1:00 PM (Northern Region Time) but the balloons were out there two hours before. I drove by a few times and then I inquired at the house. That’s when I was told they were for a party.”

The lovely balloons.

The lovely balloons.

“It’s an interesting idea,” Gee-Temple added after a long silence.

The party was held to celebrate the birthday of Bonds’ 95-year old grandmother, Eunice.

“Grandmom had a great time and more people were able to find the party because of those balloons,” stated Bonds.

“I thought they were great,” said attendee and relative Del Bonds. “Until I saw those balloons, I was driving in an endless loop of confusion and increasing terror. It had been hours since I had eaten and I ended up in a derelict parking lot, scared, afraid, hungry, and cold. But then I looked up and I saw the balloons and I thought- why, they must signify something. And I knew that something had to be something celebratory, joyous even. After all, they were balloons on the mailbox. It would have been different if there was something scary tied to the mailbox like kaleidoscopic images of death or a detestable water lizard from another epoch. Thankfully, they were bright, strong, full balloons.”

Bonds says she plans to use the balloons again.

“We have a lot of parties and people really liked the balloons. Yes, I believe we will certainly use them again.”

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