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The Electronics Cranny: THE RECKONER EXACTRA 2.0

By Neil Cuppy

By Neil Cuppy

A powerful new electronic pocket calculator, the Reckoner Exactra 2.0, has been released by Danny Madison Industries.

The wildly popular calculator has already received over a billion pre-orders. Regular customer deliveries and specially-paid “air robot” deliveries begin today.

The new machine is designed for a broad range of calculating applications. It weighs only nine pounds (complete with rechargable nickel-cadmium battery) and fits into a large pocket. The new battery-powered unit can be likened to a “fast, extremely accurate electronic slide rule with a solid-state memory similar to those used in supercomputers,” says wunderkind designer Danny Madison.

“Of course, it has many other functions,” noted Madison, aged 13. “I don’t care for the antiquated term “calculator”. Unfortunately, the nomenclature is necessary for marketing purposes.”

The Reckoner Exactra 2.0: IT'S YOUR TIME: CALCULATE

The Reckoner Exactra 2.0: IT’S YOUR TIME: CALCULATE

The Reckoner Exactra 2.0 bears little resemblance to the original Reckoner whose sales now number in the billions.

“We’ve replaced the informational diskettes from the original Reckoner with built-in capacitors that are capable of collecting information automatically. In other words, you as the holder will add no information to the machine, the machine will garner information from you and your environment,” said Madison.

The inventor gave a brief demonstration.

“Note that the Reckoner Exactra 2.0 is now turned on thus automatically engaging data collection. We now turn our attention to the red light-emitting diode display which can, of course, show the usual 10-digit numerical sequences but can also furnish environmental and human geographical information.”

A brief beep was heard.

“And we see now that the Reckoner Exactra 2.0 is noting that Mr. Cuppy’s wife was murdered and that he lives alone.”

The audience clapped profusely in appreciation.

The Reckoner Exactra 2.0 comes with a sturdy travel case made of Eastern leather, foil name tags and a 379-page instruction manual. The calculator features an unusual 48-month warranty.

“It will not break down,” said Madison, who paused to plug his personal Reckoner into a pizza for reasons unclear. “It will, in fact, never break down.”

The Reckoner Exactra 2.0 currently retails for $449.99.

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