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Samways and Fick, Consultants: THE SUCCESS MATRIX®

February 26, 2016 Leave a comment
Fick, of Samways and Fick

Dr. Fick, of Samways and Fick

In an increasingly complex business landscape fraught with challenges, death, and torture, companies must have an explicit strategy in place to position themselves for success. How do you know if your business is succeeding? How do you know if your business is growing? Is your location no longer viable because of that foreign swingers lounge that moved in next door?

Fortunately, all of these questions can be answered by The Samways and Fick Success Matrix®.

What is the Samways and Fick Success Matrix®? Does it really work?

The answer to all these questions is Yes!®

The Samways and Fick Success Matrix® is all about managing individuals with more than one reporting line but may also be used to manage cross functional business groups and other forms of working that cross the standard vertical business units of function, space and geography.

Did you fall asleep? That’s alright– because at Samways and Fick, Consultants, we will take care of all your Success Matrix needs.

We want you to imagine a series of boxes (it can also be a pyramid, your choice) filled with your data. Now imagine these boxes (or the pyramid, your choice) on a large poster. Now imagine the poster on a wall (or taped to a whiteboard, your choice). You have successfully shared your data with your cohorts. “Please look at the posters and you’ll see our Success Matrix,” you will say. “Notice the pyramid rubrics,” you’ll then say. Why? What is the result?

The result is that, thanks to the Samways and Fick Success Matrix®, you have complete and total command of this meeting.

Dr. Samways

Dr. Samways

A testimonial:

“We didn’t know what to do. We had an employee who caused internal issues from day one from severe absenteeism, to spreading negativity throughout the office, to a loss in production, to initiating challenges on a regular basis. How to exterminate him was of major concern to us especially since his birthday was coming up and we really, really didn’t want to have to go buy one of those supermarket cakes. You know how you have to stand there at the counter and wait for the ponderous guy in the white coat to write out the guy’s name in icing? I just couldn’t imagine doing that. Plus, he had a long foreign name and nobody knew how the hell to spell it. Anyway, Samways and Fick (Consultants) came in and led us through the process of uncovering the issues and dealing face-to-face with performance management and ultimately discipline procedures through the Success Matrix®. While it was a difficult thing to lure him out into the woods, it was in the best interest of all concerned. We are now operating at maximum speed with increased production using employees who no longer have to deal with such a negative internal roadblock. Thanks Samways and Fick!

Call us today. We are mildly excited to begin preparing your Success Matrix®

Samways and Fick, Consultants: Helping You Reach the Area Near the Top of Your Mountain.

Samways and Fick, Consultants: ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

September 24, 2015 Leave a comment
Dr. Samways

Dr. Samways

In today’s increasingly challenging and competitive business environment, organizations must function more effectively and efficiently than ever before in World History to achieve their strategic goals. With that objective in mind, Samways and Fick, Consultants offers Consortium Enlargement Services® to help companies of all sizes plan, structure, set up posters, and manage those zipper envelopes that you put bank deposits in, in order to dramatically improve their chances for sustainable growth.

Initially, we work with the CEO (fat or thin- Samways and Fick does not discriminate) to gain an understanding of the organization’s past and recent business results, its organizational pyramid, staff performance and coming objectives, both near and long-term and even well into the distant future when there will be more robots. To expand on that knowledge base we conduct a multi-tiered S&F Audit™ (some chairs and tables may be carried away during this process) that involves asking a series of complex questions and presenting a series of word searches and pencil mazes to selected executives, supervisors, front-line employees and, just for kicks, some of the dummies at the bottom. With this audit information we prepare a multi-colored Powerpoint display with animated lasers that is designed to provide the CEO with organization-wide insights on goal calibration, resource allocation, telephones, and, most importantly, new business opportunities and possible land seizures to name a few.

Dr. Fick

Dr. Fick

With this organizational assessment completed, S&F then works with the CEO’s designated cohort to develop plans and interventions that will address processes, systems and structures that need to be created or improved (we will also bring out the Powerpoint display again). Our goal is to create extreme focus on the organization and to collaboratively develop a more integrated, efficient and effective operating system.

Samways and Fick: Helping You Reach the Area Near the Top of Your Mountain.

Samways and Fick: Consultants (A PAID ADVERTISEMENT)

September 10, 2015 Leave a comment

Samways and Fick, Inc.

Dr. Samways

Dr. Samways 

Helping You Reach the Area Near the Top of Your Mountain

S&F INC. believes that leaders deserve to have a high-performing team and we help them (the leaders) to place the right people in the right seats doing the right things in the right foundation at the right time and in the right climate.

Working with Samways and Fick: Consultants proved to be a weird yet insightful experience.  The team was simple to work with, arrived on a bus and forged a process that was unique to our needs. They had embroidered shirts with mountains on them. They matched our tasks to other people’s tasks, thus bringing everybody together as one. I recommend them enthusiastically for anyone who is interested in a complimentary sack lunch and a free tote bag.” – Suzy, East Lankville 


Why we do what we do:

We believe in our clients’ potential. Our clients can do anything that they set their minds to – and by golly, do we mean ANYTHING! There’s really no holding them back, (even if others would prefer that they did). No, if it’s the stars that they want – it’s the galaxy that they shall consume! We love meeting new people.

How our clients benefit: 

Our clients are our top priority…when there’s nothing good on television, after dinner usually. As a client of S&F INC., you’ll reap the rewards of a top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art, fully integrated, emotionally toiling, no-strings-attached relationship. We only have your best interests at heart; trust us, it’s better this way.

What we do:​​​​

Dr. Fick

Dr. Fick

We eliminate waste on a regular, daily schedule – a move that positively affects the bottom line. Implementing our Core Values™, we’ve helped thousands of companies cut costs and rebuild infrastructure. Our approval rate is well within the profit margin and our numbers (9 – 86) are through the roof! Do not hesitate to make an appointment with us today! S&F INC: Helping You Reach the Area Near the Top of Your Mountain, Since 2014.

Core Values

  • Quality
  • Accountability
  • Balance
  • Food (small)
  • Team
  • Lighting
  • Fun
  • Meeting Customer Expectations
  • Collaboration
  • Bathrooms 
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