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Creating a Feelings Center by Dr. Kevin Thurston

October 7, 2016 1 comment

By Dr. Kevin Thurston

Dr. Kevin Thurston is an expert on men’s feelings.

For the Ancient Lankvillian, any place of peace could be a place of worship.

Dr. Kevin Thurston (expert on men’s feelings) has taken this concept to a higher plane.

A plane of feelings where all feelings are emanated through a series of steadily denser stages, becoming increasingly more material until they become a force that ultimately creates a Feelings Center®.

It sounds difficult. Abstract. Like something the average man with average feelings cannot possibly achieve. Dr. Kevin Thurston is here to tell you that you absolutely can. And you will if you utilize your Thurston Advanced Topics handout (available as a PDF for $5.99), you (the feeler) will be able to frame all things that constitute our Universe into your own personal Feelings Center®.

Your Feelings Center® could be along the brambly shores of Lankville Falls at sunset (my personal preference) or it could be in your club basement or it could even be at your workplace. Many forward-thinking offices are now setting aside a small space for such purposes. Dr. Kevin Thurston is available for consultations — call for rates, they are seasonal.

Every Feelings Center® should and must be a center of comfort. With that aim in mind, I have some pale green beanbag chairs available for $29.99 each. There are a couple of scratch and dent chairs wherein the stuffing has exploded from the side– these are just $11.99 each and come with a repair kit.  Quantities limited.

And remember, Dr. Kevin Thurston (expert in men’s feelings) is always here for you. I am only a few phone calls away.

I’m Thankful…for Men

November 25, 2015 Leave a comment
By Dr. Kevin Thurston

By Dr. Kevin Thurston

Dr. Kevin Thurston is an expert on men’s feelings.

I’m thankful…for men.

What does that mean, Dr. Thurston? (that’s you asking). It means that any true empowering of one’s presence requires the acknowledgement of one’s own vulnerability. And there is no better time than the holidays to become vulnerable. Breakthroughs only occur after fear, horrific dread and naked, quaking vulnerability. And after giving thanks.

One exercise in your Thurston Methods workbook (just $19.99, $29.99 with online access code) is to draw a large cube on a piece of poster board. You will now fill that cube with all the things for which you are thankful. I’d like to draw a circle, a patient of mine once suggested. Although I was thankful for his advice, I made it quite clear that the shape would be a cube because it’s outlined in the workbook. Editing the workbook would require a reprinting that would raise its suggested retail price thereby preventing me from passing on savings to my patients. You can’t have it both ways.

I put my hands together in a pacific manner and watched as the men filled in their cubes. When the task was completed, I asked the men how they felt. Many were reticent to speak up. “You leave this exercise as a man who is now grounded in his confidence across the most important domains of life,” I offered.

You sure ’bout that? said one man (he had been assigned to my office to satisfy some court-ordered anger management hours. All we did was drew a cube an’ wrote a bunch of crap. I squatted (I always find this effective) and completed a Thurston Breathing Exercise. “Tell me about that?” I asked.

Jus’ saying. Jus’ a cube an’ whatever.

“They say we only use about 10% of the intelligence we have in our brains. I believe that’s because 80% lies in our bodies. And there’s also another 10% that just floats away, but that’s a subject for another session,” I noted.

He seemed confused but he did draw a nice cube.

Feelings by Dr. Kevin Thurston: You Are My Halloween Costume

October 30, 2015 Leave a comment

thurston shirt 2Dr. Thurston is an expert on men’s feelings.

You are my halloween costume.

What does that mean? you might think. You cannot wear me Dr. Thurston, expert on men’s feelings. I am a MAN.


That was my point.

You are my Halloween costume, I am your Halloween costume. We men are all interchangeable.

I want you to imagine a series of small hills (now is the time to practice your Thurston Advanced Method Breathing Techniques). Imagine you are moving slowly over those hills– each rise, each fall should coincidence with your breath. Imagine the endless but horrific sky above. Let everything fall away. I have some lovely woven baskets to catch everything. They have a nice chunky open cross-weave, rich natural color variations and angled, wrapped handles– these are real artisanal, satchel-shaped baskets. Available in three sizes, $29.99.

You will arrive naked and relaxed at the final hill.

Additional sessions available upon request.

On My Webinar and My Summit by Dr. Kevin Thurston

May 11, 2015 Leave a comment
Dr. Kevin Thurston

Dr. Kevin Thurston

Dr. Thurston is an expert on men’s feelings.

Last Saturday saw the debut of my new webinar, “It’s Alright to Cry”. And this coming Saturday I will be hosting the 1st Annual Men’s Feelings Summit in the back lodge of the Casa Montecristo.

It is a good time to discuss men’s feelings.

Indeed, no time has ever been better. Right now, men want to talk, cry and cower more than ever before. And Dr. Thurston is there for you. And because of the magic of the internet, I can be there for you any time of the day or night (for just $19.99– make sure you enable your cookies).

My webinar makes an important and just statement. It calls for an end to the suppression of men’s feelings. While you watch my webinar, I want you release everything. It may be a few days of frustration or it may be decades upon decades of horror. Let it all out. It’s alright to cry. It is.

A still from my new webinar, "It's Alright to Cry".

A still from my new webinar, “It’s Alright to Cry”.

I recommend following up our private session (I want you to think of the webinar as being created exclusively for YOU) by attending the Summit. Here, you will have the opportunity to meet other men (and women who are friends of men’s feelings) and also to have a look at some of the wonderful items I’ve picked up recently– quilted outdoor pillows (none matching) $19.99 each, ultra high efficiency laundry detergent, $12.99, box of scissors still factory-wrapped, $3.99 each, bunch of great stuff.

So, don’t delay. There is limited space in the back lesser lodge at the Casa Montecristo. But more importantly, there is limited space in your emotional psyche for more pain. Cleanse now, cleanse today with Dr. Kevin Thurston.

Expert in men’s feelings.

This article has been paid for by Dr. Kevin Thurston.

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