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President Pondicherry on the State of Lankville

September 15, 2015 Leave a comment
My most important customer ever?

President Pondicherry

I shall speak to you today about challenge and opportunity–and about the commitments that all of us have made together that will, if we carry them out, give Lankville our best chance to achieve the kind of luscious society that we all want. Every President lives, not only with what is, but with what has been and what could be and what could be on other planets.

Most of the great events in his Presidency are part of a larger sequence extending back through several years and extending back through several other administrations. There is no enclosure. We are all in fields of waving people, all of us waving backwards to Lankville.

Challenges, riots, poverty, no trash pickup, lack of mall parking, an increased number of entrances to hell, giant pests, basically only one law enforcement officer, no contingency plans, all have this much in common: They and their causes–the causes that gave rise to them–all of these have existed with us for many years. Several Presidents have already sought to try to deal with them. One or more Presidents will try to resolve them or try to contain them in the years that are ahead of us. I might be your President. I might not. But soon we will know.

If the Nation’s problems are continuing, so are this great Nation’s assets:
–our malls.
–our wooded camping areas
–the good commonsense and sound judgment of the Lankvillian people.

We must not ignore our problems. But neither should we ignore our strengths. Those strengths are available to sustain a President (whoever he or she may be) to support his progressive efforts both at home and overseas.

Vote for me. Tell me about how you will vote for me. Tell me what you will do when you pull that curtain and are left alone and unsupervised in that voting booth. I want to know so bad. Email me. Send me a letter. They have cards at the mall.

I wish it were possible to say that everything that this administration has achieved had already completed a cycle of luscious progress. But believe that at least it will be said that we tried. I tried hard, especially after lunch.

Vote for me.

God Bless You and God Bless Lankville,

President Pondicherry

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