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Barlow: I Am Hounded by “the Succubus”

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By Clifford Griffey
Contemporary Junior Chronicler
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Oversions GM John Barlow stated last night during a book signing that he is mercilessly hounded by “the succubus”. The incident occurred at a Smalley’s Book and Yellow Pottery Store in Eastern Lankville.

A long line had gathered to have their book signed by Barlow, when the executive suddenly stood up and addressed the throng:

“Folks, I have an announcement. I am followed by the succubus. All the time. It is a frightening and demonic creature that dream-defiles me. This is followed by the creation of a small nocturnal food mess on the carpet. It’s terrible. Now, everyone line up quietly and I’ll sign your book.”

The declaration is said to have cast a pall over the festivities.

“I was hoping to just talk a little hockey, celebrate the beginning of the season,” said Oversions fan Tony Templeton of East Lankville Village. “But when Mr. Barlow said that, it spread fear and consternation.

Templeton’s health suddenly deteriorated and he died while still standing in line.

“It was perhaps an inopportune moment for Mr. Barlow to inform people,” said an Oversions executive, who refused to be identified. “But it’s something he’s been suffering with for years. We all know about the succubus and its apparent violations.”

Barlow refused to answer any further questions but promised a second volume of his autobiography which would address the issue.

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