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Bearded Trickster Pays Strange Visit to Royer

January 27, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

By Salty Cubbes
Sedentary Reporter
File photo

A bearded trickster today visited incarcerated Terrifying Bat GM The Great President of Hell (formerly Ric Royer) in the dining hall of the Foontz-Flonnaise Home of Abundant Senselessness.

“He was initially a most buoyant specimen,” noted The Great President of Hell, who was visibly shaken by the strange visit.  “He came hurdling through an open window wearing an unusual but pleasant outfit.  He then began performing a series of wonderful illusions whilst all the while maintaining a warm and engaging smile.  Upon the conclusion of the initial part of his visit, he emitted a hearty, gleeful laugh that left all of us in joyful spirits.”

According to witnesses, the tenor of the trickster’s visit suddenly took a dramatic turn for the worse.

“His face went from a look of unconditional grandfatherly love to one of ungodly malevolence– a type of beastly madness unlike anything I have ever viewed,” noted The Great President of Hell.

Witnesses claim that the trickster destroyed the dining hall within minutes.

“The level of violence was uncanny,” stated Warden Jenness, who managed to escape the carnage.  “It was the end.  I’ll always know now what the end is.”

The trickster disappeared shortly thereafter.

“He did leave candy in sacks before all of our cells,” noted The Great President of Hell.  “But that only slightly eases the pain for many of us though I know it pacified me to a very large extent.”

Police are currently searching for the bearded trickster.

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