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“Inner Hammer” Ponders the Myriad Coruscations of Immolation and Abnegation and Time

February 21, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

By Brock Belvedere, Jr.
Senior Staff Writer
File photo

Sources are confirming that Small Pizzas GM “Inner Hammer” today pondered the myriad coruscations of immolation and abnegation and time.  The reflection occurred at a Teets Island “Horn of Comfy” hotel ballroom where a large “pre-breakfast” of bacons and cranny-free waffles were served.

“Yeah, yo, I’ve been pondering the afterlife and all that,” said the executive, who grew frustrated with the fissure-less waffles and their difficulty in accepting generous dollops of butter.  “You think about fire and you think about time and, yo, that shit’ll wake you up in the middle of the night.”

“Inner Hammer” paused to hurl an over-handled waffle into a trash receptacle.

“Bad idea these waffles,” he noted.  “You need to have those crannies to accept your butter.  You just can’t deposit any butter without a good cranny.”

“Inner Hammer” moaned loudly.

The Small Pizzas are currently in third place in the Pondicherry Association.

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