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POINT: Pondicherry Should Expand to “The Depths”

February 21, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

By Phil Miller
Depths Correspondent
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Now that the Pondicherry Association has expanded to Hoover Island, it would seem that the natural next step would be to offer a franchise to a syndicate in “The Depths”.

What do we have to offer?  A top-notch arena for one.  “Depths Facial Tissue Plaza” is one of the largest indoor venues in the world, offering seating for over 60,000.  The impressive structure also houses businesses, offices, kiosks and carts, and a large area where trucks can back in and unload their cargo.  Individuals can also use this same area for discharging their own personal loads from their sacks.

And yet, “Depths Facial Tissue Plaza” remains largely unused.  Sure, we have an occasional “funny circus” but such events fail to bring honor to our great arena and our great land.   We need hockey and we need it now.

I urge the Pondicherry Association to consider “The Depths” as their next stopping point on their great road to world expansion.

The opinions of Phil Miller are not necessarily those of The Pondicherry Association News.

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