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Darkness GM Fick Has Grown Taller; Now Wears Cape

February 22, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

By Larry “God” Peters
Far-Flung Areas Correspondent
File photo

Darkness GM Fick, who remains nominally attached to his club, has grown taller and now wears a cape, sources have confirmed.

The executive, who lives in semi-retirement on the gloomy Lankville heaths, offered no explanation for his sudden physical transformation but expressed an abiding affection for sleeveless topcoats.

“I wear a cape all about the mansion, particularly in my book-lined study, while I mull over sundry topics by the fireside.”

When asked to generally describe the subject matter of his library, Fick demurred.

“Actually, most of the books are fake.  Some of them contain candy,” he added, hopefully.

Fick also noted that his teeth have grown.  “Yes, the weird heath dentist was quite surprised.  He took x-rays but then I believe he lost them on the heath so I guess we’ll never know.  I think he may have died, as well.”

A clatter was heard over the phone and Fick suddenly grew very quiet.

“That’s the loud halfwit,” he whispered.  “I must go.  Things will rapidly deteriorate now.”

The interview was suddenly ended.

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