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Three-Way Race for Pondicherry Golden Platter

By Dick Oakes, Jr.
Senior Staff Writer
File photo

Though the end of the 2012-13 season is mere days away, the championship in the Pondicherry Association is still up in the air.

“It’s a three-way race to the finish,” noted Small Pizzas GM “Inner Hammer”, who was interviewed via device from the Teets Island Chain.  “Pretty confident on this end though that I’ll soon be pawing at that beautiful Pondicherry Golden Platter.”

The Uncolored Condiments however sit just a half point behind the Pizzas with the Terrifying Bats 1.5 points back.

Bats GM Ric Royer, who was interviewed inside his illuminated Snow Village-engorged cell, was pleased with his club’s recent surge.

“I’m impressed by Keith Candles [sic],” Royer noted.  “Also, we have Mike Greens [sic] and Keith Candles.”

The GM smiled broadly and then suddenly collapsed.

Condiments GM Robin Brox could not be reached for comment.  The executive was believed to be attending a condiments trade show.

“Ms. Brox is quite pleased and believes her club will capture the Platter,” noted a club administrator who refused to be identified.  “We drafted very carefully and I think we’re seeing the fruits of our labors right now.”

There are three games yet to be played before the Platter will be presented on Monday.

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