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Oral Histories of Some Former Lankville Pugilists

By Pineapple Duvet  (1938-1942, 10W, 5L, 8KO)
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My first fight was in Southern Lankville.  And they had a guy there that said, “why do you fight in them leather trunks?  Don’t you know we got the cotton down here?  It breathes better.”  He took me out to a field and the next I knew I was, you know, actually working in the field.  I got confused.  So, I missed the fight.

I got blackballed after that.  For about 13 years.  By the time of my next fight, I couldn’t keep my hands up.  Fortunately, I could throw a real haymaker.  I’d take hundreds of blows straight in the face and then I’d throw that ol’ haymaker and knock the guy out.  Long as I could get that haymaker off, I’d generally win.  Then, I’d sit at a table, carve up a pineapple and listen to Richard and the Postman on the radio.  That’s how I got my nicknames.  I was known by Pineapple in the ring and “The Postman” out of it.”

One time, after I knocked out Floyd Roh, I was sitting at the table carving up a pineapple.  And there was this girl there.  I don’t know where she come from.  I don’t know who let her in the house.  But she never did leave and I couldn’t argue with her cause she started buying the pineapples.  I let her stay and I give her a room in the attic and then we got married and she come down to my room.  We decided to have children and we gave it a go once and we had Lance.  Then we give it a go again and we had Belinda.  And then she went back up to the attic.  But she always had them pineapples.

I had to give up the ring in ’42 when I got drafted for the First Great Depths War.  I was on a big gunboat that got lost at sea.  We were lost for about five years or so.  It was quite a time.

I worked for General Magnets after that.  We made magnets in a general way.  Like them little grapes you put on a refrigerator.  But I’m glad for my time in the ring.

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