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Oral Histories of Some Former Lankville Pugilists

By Andypop Lennus  (1952-1953,  3W 10L, 1KO)
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I worked at a lunch counter in the daytime and boxed at night.  Everyone went to Fuller’s Gym.  Fuller hated everybody.  Would hardly let you in the place.  He sat up on a raised platform and would throw trash at you.  Terrible guy.

They farmed me out to the Islands and I boxed there for awhile.  That was in the late 40’s or thereabouts.  I did some commercials for soup.  I’d sit there with my gloves on and try to grip a spoon and I’d say, “look at this soup” and then some music would come on.  Made more on that than I ever did in the ring.

When I came back to Lankville, I found that I had lost something.  A sort of philosophical spirit had vacated my body and perhaps taken refuge in some caves because after that I had no ability whatsoever.  I searched and searched for that spirit but never found it.  I ended up in the desert for a long time.

So, there’s not much to say about it.  I won 3 fights.  I had one knockout.  I got all my clothes for free by answering questions about the kind of car I’d like to have.  That went on for many years.  More years than I’d care to remember.

Lennus suddenly passed away.

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