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My Process: By Dean T. Pibbs, Author

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By Dean T. Pibbs
Popular Writer of Terrorist Attack Novels
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People often say, “Dean– what is your writing process?  How do you begin a new terrorist attack novel?”

By way of answering, I have to take them back almost sixty years.

The year was 1956. My Mom, who was drunk at the time, gave me fifty cents for some bread. “Go down to Gino’s,” she said. I recall she was wearing a periwinkle house dress.

Gino’s was our corner store that had an array of items– bread, soups, comic books, bolts. I recall vividly putting the bread on the counter and then Gino’s hairy arms (he never wore a shirt) pushing a magazine in my face and then past my face and onto the floor.  “You might like that being that you’re one of those weirdo kids,” he said.  I picked it up–  it had a colorful painting depicting a spaceship being blown to smithereens by some robots. It was called Inflamed by Stars and Blood.  First issue– a pivotal moment in my existence.

I’ve been reading ever since.  And, inspired by so many of their great contributors (Donny Ehlo, Jutts Pangborn, Quincy Checkers, just to name a few), I began writing myself.

In 2004, I was honored to receive the “Rayford Award for Outstanding Achievement”.  During my speech, which was given in a windowless ballroom in a hotel tucked between two hills, I thanked Inflamed by Stars and Blood and also Gino, who was crushed to death during a challenge in 1962.  It was an emotional day.

I continue to write terrorist attack novels– a genre that seems to grow in popularity with each passing day. It gives me something to do while I sit in the car, the engine running, while my aging wife takes an interminable amount of time performing some mundane activity. It can be quite enervating (the waiting, I mean).

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