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Royer to Open Icynene Foam Installation Business

September 13, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

By Larry “God” Peters   The Lankville Action News YES! Team
Far-Flung Areas Correspondent
File photo

Incarcerated executive and businessman Ric Royer announced today that he will open an Icynene Foam Installation Business next month.

Royer, who gave a brief press conference while crouching in front of a basket of magazines, stated that the business will be called “Sprayboys”.

“It has been my desire to assist the people of Lankville with spraying foam all over their houses,” noted Royer, who was dressed in a bathrobe, bathing suit and knee-high socks.  “Icynene foams [sic] is the way of the future.  It maximizes efficiency, allows for moisture control and can be spewed and blasted all over the place,” Royer added.

Icynene foam is a spray-on form of insulation commonly used in homes and businesses.  Its history is unknown.  “It just appeared one day, like things sometimes do,” stated Lankville historian Rufus Potts.  “It’s as though it was a gift from a benevolent God who wanted things better insulated,” added Potts, who collapsed shortly thereafter in the back of a dimly-lit burrito restaurant.

Royer expects “Sprayboys” to begin business for the upcoming winter.

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