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Ramping Up the Dance Party with BIG CHIPS

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“The Cut” borrowed his Mom’s station wagon last night and we headed out to the dance party.  It was in an abandoned warehouse downtown.

On the way there, “The Cut” goes, “We gotta’ stop and pick up my boy Grant.  He’s a spray-paint artist.”

“Yo, that’s awesome,” I said.  But I was kind of confused.

“Skinny Grant.  The Granter.  Grant Money.”  “The Cut” fired up a blunt and screamed something out the window.

We picked up Grant.  He had a girl with him.   Gorgeous dark-haired beauty in a sun dress with a sweet face.  I fell in love immediately.  But she didn’t really look Big Chips’ way.   Just had eyes for this Grant character.  “We’re gonna’ make out,” he said, as they climbed into the back seat.  “Nice,” “The Cut” said.   I stared straight forward and tried not to listen.

We stayed at the dance all night.  Big light show, couple of dj’s spinning some electronica.

“Yo, ethereal,” said “The Cut”.  He horned in on a couple of girls, started dancing ’em up.  I noticed he had on these giant flared pants– “seventy inches, yo,” he said at one point, holding up his leg.  I couldn’t even see his foot.

I watched Grant and the girl.  They’d dance, then they’d make out between songs.  Someone snapped a photo.  I couldn’t take it anymore.

The sun was coming up when I finally walked outside.  Climbed up onto an old train bridge and watched the lights of the city flicker off.  There were a few cars on the underpass.  Then, I took the subway and a taxi home.  Pops paid the fare.

“How was your night, Big Chips?” he asked.  He had on a short tie and was loading papers into his battered briefcase.

“I tried ramping it up, Pops.  But I got distracted.”

“By what, Big Chips?

I didn’t want to talk about it.  We had some Buntz Mallows Cereal and then Pops went off to work.

I think I slept until three.

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