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Tip From Royer Leads to Tire Thief

By McGriff Key

By McGriff Key



Lankville business magnate Ric Royer was credited with giving police a tip which resulted in the apprehension and conviction of an alleged tire thief.

Trumpets Meyer of South Lankville was arrested Sunday night after a probe by city detectives. He was given three consecutive life terms this morning.

Royer touched off the theft probe Saturday when he called firemen to quell a grass fire in the Lankville Heights Area. Once the conflagration had been extinguished, firemen discovered the remains of four new tires in the lot. They notified police.

Ric Royer: Hero

Ric Royer: Hero

“It’s true that I set the field on fire,” noted Royer, who was given a small trophy for his act of heroism. “But I did not realize the new tires were there. It was only later that they were discovered.”

Detectives said they caught Meyer Sunday night as he dropped from the roof of a tire company building carrying three tires.

“He said that he had put the tires on the roof and waited until the company’s closing time to retrieve them,” noted Detective Gee-Temple, who made the arrest. “We asked him then about the burned-up tires in the field and he admitted to those as well.”

“It’s another wrong made right,” Gee-Temple stated after several moments of awkward silence.

“I’m glad that these tires are back home,” said Royer, in an extremely loud voice when asked about the tires. “I did set the field on fire and some other fields that same night and also two houses but it’s alright. It’s terrible to steal tires.”

Royer noted that Twin Removed Pines Mall (where he currently resides) does not have a tire shop.

“It’s strange when you think about it,” Royer said, in the same odd loud voice. “I’m happy to be able to contribute to the capture of a tire kidnapper.”

Royer laughed very lightly and the interview was ended prematurely.

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