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“The Reckoner”– a Danny Madison Product

December 4, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments
"The Reckoner"

“The Reckoner”


“The Reckoner” is more than just a calculator. It’s the last word in portable, hand-held computation. You have arrived at the crest, my friends.

What does it do? Everything. Pop in the diskettes (sold separately) and “The Reckoner” will do more. That’s right. More than everything. This is the apex. Look down into the valley of poorly-designed calculators. It’s deep down there, isn’t it?

But you’re up here. Up here with “The Reckoner”. And there’s no going down again. There’s no going backwards.

Hold it in your hand. What do you feel? Power? Check. Allure? Check. The prospect of imminent sexual gratification? Check. Remember what we said. Everything.

$345 isn’t too much to pay. You deserve it. Celebrate life. Celebrate YOU. It’s your time– CALCULATE.

On sale now at select electronics retailers.


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