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Royer to Purchase “Burger Rex” Franchise

Elliott Cumber-Lanny

Elliott Cumber-Lanny


Eccentric Lankville business magnate Ric Royer announced today he will purchase a Burger Rex franchise in Eastern Lankville. Royer has long been a patron and social media enthusiast of the chain and of the Eastern Lankville location in particular.

“It’s my favorite of the many Burger Rex franchises,” noted Royer at an early morning press conference which was held on a log raft in the middle of a lake. “They have paintings of heaven all over the walls and booths shaped like automobiles which create the illusion that you’re driving while you’re eating your food. The booths and the paintings of heaven come with the restaurant.”

Retro automobile booth. Note the man crying in the background.

Retro automobile booth. Note the man crying in the background.

Royer noted that he will make only a few alterations to his new endeavor.

“I’ll add some more paintings of heaven. Otherwise, the tableau is perfect.”

The executive played the hero at the restaurant in an incident in January when he repelled several youths who were taunting an elderly woman.

“With the exception of some unwarranted sexual situations, [the restaurant] has exhibited model behavior since,” Royer averred. “I look forward to owning the restaurant and maybe, sometimes, living there.”

Royer will assume ownership on April 1.

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