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Televisions Free to a Good Home

By Brock Belvedere

By Brock Belvedere, Jr.



“Ideally, I don’t want to split them up…”

Katie Lynn Rumpus – distant relation to Genevieve Rumpus, but no relation to the Ida Rumpus who reports for this paper – recently, and reluctantly, put two of her “babies” up for adoption. She is hoping to place the classic Lanvillectric Television sets in a good home, and is calling on all citizens of Lankville to help her find one for them.

“Ideally, I don’t want to split them up,” she said from her home in Lower Lankville Heights. The television sets had been placed with care in a breezeway near Rumpus’s office at Barlow Foods’ northern distribution center, where Rumpus oversees the apportioning of bulk comestibles to a dozen Barlow Foods locations.

Alternate view of the sets.

Alternate view of the sets.

The sets had long graced either end of a multimedia cabinet in the Rumpus living room, or “Rumpus Room,” as the family call it. There, the Rumpuses had enjoyed hours and hours of their favorite programs, sometimes tuning shows in simultaneously so that they could experience them in “stereo,” other times watching one or the other television, or different programs on each one, depending on preference and time of day.

“There were so many possibilities,” Mrs. Rumpus averred, especially when her husband, Ralph Waldo Rumpus, came home with a Pondisonic Video Camera one day and attached it to one of the sets via cable. The Rumpus Room quickly became an amateur studio, as the children interviewed one another and staged elaborate sketches, often inspired by Vitiello Decorative Ham advertisements.

The children loved dressing up as their favorite hams, said Mrs. Rumpus, and squealed with delight as they saw their likeness appearing on screen.


Mrs. Rumpus’ homemade sign.

Lanvillectricians might blush, meanwhile, at a glimpse of the images that flickered on the twin sets after dark, when Mr. and Mrs. Rumpus shared footage of their “home movies” with neighbors and friends.

Things got a bit “racy” during those days, Mrs. Rumpus admitted, and the “twins” – her affectionate name for the Lankvillectric TVs – were constantly in demand among family and friends alike. Now, though the times have changed and a large flat-screen model adorns the Rumpus Room, Katie Lynn Rumpus is taking care to make sure the well-used sets find a home worthy of their place in her heart.

Please write to Mrs. Rumpus care of the Lankville Daily News if you feel you can provide a good home for her television sets.

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