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Dr. Kevin Thurston Speaks on Radio

Buck Igloos

By Buck Igloos


Dr. Kevin Thurston, expert on Men’s Feelings and Lankville Daily News columnist, made his radio debut yesterday on shortwave band 49m (5900 kHz), station WYYY out of Eastern Lankville. Noted announcer Pat Kewley was the host.

Dr. Thurston was interviewed for over fifteen minutes and offered diverse opinions on Men’s Feelings and also several new exciting items for sale.

“I was generally pleased with the interview,” noted Thurston, whose “Feelings Now” movement has been enormously popular. “You have to get the word out to the Men’s. You can’t just expect the Men’s to come to you. I’m all about utilizing technology to reach the Men’s and sell products, so this was exciting.”


Dr. Thurston with men at one of his recent “Feelings Seminars”.

Kewley, an acclaimed interviewer, said that the show got off to a slow start but he was generally pleased with the final outcome.

“Before we went on the air, Dr. Thurston was really pushing me to buy this twenty-and-a-half foot cubic trailer that was attached to the back of his car,” Kewley averred. “He kept going on about the extra-large flotation tires that would cover the roughest terrain, the tilting bed that made dumping loads easy, the durable heavy-duty steel frame. I mean, I admit, I was kind of interested but it was getting really close to our airtime and I needed to move things along.”

“Afterwards though, I was kind of kicking myself for not picking it up,” Kewley added.

Station executives at WYYY said that the response to Dr. Thurston’s interview was overwhelming.

“The switchboard was lit up,” said show producer Gene Hazewood. “Men were eager to know more. I wanted to know more. It was good to connect with some of these men’s.”

The full broadcast can be heard here.

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