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I Want to Tell You SO Much About How My New Boyfriend and I Went to the Beach!

By Ashley Pfeiffers

By Ashley Pfeiffers


I want to tell you SO much about how my new boyfriend and I went to the beach! I JUST ABOUT DIED– it was the best time EVER!

So, my new boyfriend borrowed his Mom’s station wagon and we drove down to the Lankville Standard Sand Beach on the Eastern Coast. It was a three-hour drive but my new boyfriend wasn’t really worried about it. “Ash, I’d drive to the end of the world with you.” OH MY GOD, I was so nervous and shaky! We had brought a tub of fries for the trip and I accidentally dropped them out the open passenger window.

My new boyfriend took it OK but he was a little disappointed. “Shoot, I really wanted to crush some of those fries,” he said.

“I’ll make it up to you,” I responded. He stopped the car right away in the gravel lot of a country peach stand and we made out for awhile. I think the peach guy, an old farmer in overalls, was a little confused. Finally, he came over and asked if we were terrorists.

“We’re just SO in love,” I told him. He looked back at the peach cart and then he spit in the gravel. “Alright, I can unnerstand that,” he said. And he gave us some peaches for free! He was SO NICE!

An hour later we arrived at our motel– the Thunderbird Inn. It had a pool and EVERYTHING! We got room number 11. My new boyfriend said, “That’s because we’re two people sharing one heart, Ash.” I was SO HAPPY that I got kind of confused and ended up walking into the wrong room. There were a bunch of guys in there watching some girls wrestle. It smelled terrible- like cigarette smoke! But I was just on CLOUD NINE anyway!

Then, we went out to the beach. I had on a new pink bikini that I got at the mall and my new boyfriend had some really super long swim trunks that went down well below his knee. HE LOOKED SO CUTE! It was dusk and we saw a really beautiful sunset. My new boyfriend put a big giant beach towel that had a sports car on it over us and we made out until the waves crashed over us. Also, a bunch of seashells.

Then, we got some pizza.

It was the greatest night EVER.

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