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Samways and Fick, Consultants: RECRUITING SERVICES

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Dr. Fick

Dr. Fick

Recruiting is a systematic process that begins the moment an opening is identified and does not end until the new hire’s fuckability has been completely analysed. Samways and Fick, Consultants can help you through the process.

Following a recruitment plan and pairing it with a robust “onboarding” GO TEAM™ (trademark in capitals only) program is the best assurance for a successful hire. Samways and Fick, Consultants will somewhat carefully structure a recruitment plan that sometimes maps out the strategy for attracting and hiring the most physically attractive candidate and helps to ensure a diverse applicant pool that includes women, Islanders, bums, Winter People, bumpkins and other underrepresented groups including veterans, people missing limbs, and the retarded.

As HR (Human Resources) recruiters at Samways and Fick, Consultants, we focus our efforts on filling positions within your company by matching the perfect attractive candidate to the most high-profile job. In order for this matching process to be successful, our HR recruiting professionals (Dr. Samways and Dr. Fick and a couple of interns that we can never remember the names of) work to develop and sustain a partnership with you, the client company. We may suggest conference room “team-building” games with ropes, bed sheets, and little funny cars or we may administer extremely difficult cognitive tests and display the results around town on posters.

Dr. Samways

Dr. Samways

After gaining a thorough understanding of your industry, vision, goals, culture and what’s inside your office kitchen, we then create and implement a customized recruiting process that is able to source, screen, interview, vet, measure, and put forward the most qualified candidate to fill the identified position or positions. Samways and Fick, Consultants recruitment support provides you with an essential component for your future business success.

Samways and Fick: Helping You Reach the Area Near the Top of Your Mountain

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