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BIG CHIPS: Ramping it Up with Some Books

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So, my pops comes up to my room the other night.

“You ever think about taking a class, Big Chips?” he asked.

“Yo, pops.  I’m already taking a class.”

“Really?” he said.  He seemed excited.

“Yeah, pops.  I’m ramping it up in a university without walls.”  I pointed outside.

He looked at the floor and sighed.  “Just have a look at this, Big Chips.”  And he threw a catalog from the community college on my bed.

So, after I talked with Shayna on my cell for about two hours, I leafed through it.  There was nothing for Big Chips in there though.  Bunch of stuff like science and reading.  Nevertheless, I figured I’d please the old man and take some books out of the library.

The next day, he came into my room after work.  I had about five books open all over the bed and I was able to get my cell under the sheets before he saw it.

“What’s all this, Big Chips?”  He seemed real pleased.  That was cool.

“Yeah, Big Chips is figuring on a little self-education.”  I touched one of the books for effect.

“Oh.”  His shoulders drooped like they always do.

“Yep.  Just gonna’ ramp it up with some books here, Pops.”

“Right.”  I could barely hear him.  He disappeared into his room for the rest of the night.

Then, I texted the whole thing to my girl Shayna.  She wrote back something that was barely coherent.

But that’s cool, yo.

Cause when you’re ramping it up with some books, you don’t need no distractions.

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