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The 38th Annual Lankvillicon: Tickets on Sale Now!

Sponsored by Inflamed by Stars and Blood.

Sponsored by Inflamed by Stars and Blood.


The 38th Annual Lankvillicon will run from July 28-August 1 at the Enhanced Leisure Inn in downtown Lankville. Tickets are now on sale.

“We’re looking forward to a fabulous event this year,” said convention organizer Brett Quentz, a smallish man wearing cut-off jeans. “As usual, we will have a panoply of great guests, events, contests, challenges and robots. It will be well-worth the $725 entrance fee.”

We pushed Quentz into a bush.




THE GEL KITE ALIENS— The enormously popular Gel Kite Aliens will make appearances on July 28th and 29th and be available for post-screening autograph sessions. “We’ll be showing two of their rare early films,” noted Quentz, who was able to climb out of the bush with some difficulty. “We’ll have Kite Expeditions which explains their origins and their initial reception upon visiting Earth and then Delta Squad: Harass which explains how they became one of Earth’s greatest weapons against other extraterrestrial beings. Two great films and we’ll be showing them in their original 170 mm format– a rare chance to see them as intended.”  Quentz smiled slightly and an awkward period of silence ensued.

Then we pushed him into the bush again.


The Saucer Station

Saucers, 2020

RICHARD AND THE POSTMAN, SAUCERS 2020–   The Lankville Prober recently called Richard and the Postman, Saucers 2020 a “work of unparalled genius.”  Quentz agreed (after he got out of the bush again).  “It’s been very popular in the [science fiction] community, certainly helped by the role-playing game of the same name.  The game’s creator Jonny Shaa will be in attendance and he will host several showings of the film throughout the weekend and also the 2020 tournament in one of the smaller ballrooms.  We’ve already had 150 gamers apply, so it should be a…”

We pushed Quentz into the bush quickly this time, before he could finish.

 John Chubbucks

John Chubbucks


JOHN CHUBBUCKS “We’re delighted to have John for the first time,” said Quentz, after he had climbed out of the bush again and avoided several of our attempts to push him back in.  “He’s the world’s foremost authority on collectible stickers, particularly in the science fiction and fantasy realms,” noted Quentz, who eyed us suspiciously.  “John will be holding a seminar on how to collect stickers, grading methods, archival storage and peeling-prevention and he will be available to sign copies of his book and also personally assess and grade your own sticker collection.”

“John will be in attendance on the August 1st date and possibly earlier, depending on several of his current medical conditions,” added Quentz.  A short silence ensued and then Quentz tried to run but we tackled him, dragged him back to the bush and threw him in.


For more information on the 38th Annual Lankvillicon or to buy tickets, call DOWNTOWN EAST 6288 or visit lankvillicon.org.

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