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If You’re Not Eating a Beezler’s, You Are Not Eating a Smore.

These guys know what a smore is. They know Beezler's.

These guidos know what a smore is. They know Beezler’s.


If you’re not eating a Beezler’s, you are not eating a smore.

So you think just because you are putting that graham cracker with melted chocolate and marshmallows in your mouth that you are eating a smore, eh? Well guess again. Guess as many times as you want, but you won’t be correct until you guess “No, I’m not eating a smore”. That’s because for 87 years, Beezler’s Terrific has served as Lankville’s ONLY authentic smore outlet in the region.

Made with REAL graham cracker, 100% chocolate chips AND marshmallows, a Beezler’s Terrific is a great use of your mouth.

We are located off Route 7 near the big golfing dome thing, come on by! The smell alone will put you and your family in a raptured, catatonic state. Choose from over 100 varieties of smores, including Pina Colata, The Nutty Brown Bear, and our newest creation: The Salty Fisherman. Ahoy matey!

So the next time someone hands you a graham cracker with chocolate and marshmallows on it, slap it right out of their goddamn hands because you deserve better. You deserve a Beezler’s.

  1. January 1, 2015 at 5:27 pm

    jesus you’re fast. how many apes you have working for you?

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