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Advice for the Weary Head

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By Sarah Samways

By Sarah Samways

Sarah Samways is a contributing female.

It’s been awhile since we last spoke, Lankville, but I promise I have not forgotten you. I’ve been out in the deepest regions of Little Hometown on assignment and have been trying to stay alive. While I was dodging Molotov cocktails from threatening armies and avoiding booby traps, I insisted on staying positive (if only for my crew’s sake). It’s all about perspective, now isn’t it?

We went on foot to discover if any bumpkins had scurried into the trees out of fright. I wanted to know what was going on here but again, I had fallen short of any real answers. I scribbled things on bits of leaves at random parts of the day, tossing aside the ones that I deemed incomplete thoughts on the spot. These equations only fueled more theories and none of them mattered. A young, nervous sort of fellow fell upon my leaves and decided to role play as a reporter, flipping things if only to pass the time in this crazy, messed up place. I looked around but my crew was no where to be found.

“So, you went to Lankville University right?”

Humorous stock photo that we purchased from this guy that we met online.

Humorous stock photo that we purchased from this guy that we met online.


“Cool, you from Lankville?”

“No, I didn’t want to be in Little Hometown anymore so I traveled far away to Lankville.”

But there we stood, right in the heart of Little Hometown; it made not one lick of sense but life is like that, ever-cycling. He became more nervous, muttered something and then left. I muttered something sympathetically and returned to my leaves. A member of my journalistic crew reminded me of a slap across the face that I had given someone in need several years ago and it made me think of you, Lankville.

Lankville, you aren’t as fragile as you were to be perceived in daylight. You won’t fall down. When someone gives you a good punch in the face, it’s probably filled with roses. Think of all you’ve lived through and think of all you’ll continue to live through. This life was not meant to be easy, it was meant to be interesting. There has to be some little part of you that you feel contributes to something, anything bigger than yourself (or at least your Reckoner)! You have to take time to breathe. Meditate, drink some tea, clip your toenails, feel yourself up in a corner somewhere, if that’s your fancy. Whatever you do, don’t let doubt be your only friend. Now, they say that those who divvy out advice rarely adhere to or struggle daily with it, and I wholeheartedly agree.



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